Offset8 Capital Develops Japanese Market Presence Amidst Regulatory Shifts

Offset8 Capital Limited (“Offset8”), an Abu Dhabi Global Market-based proprietary asset manager and a financial advisor regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the ADGM, is developing its footprint in Japan, building on its commitment to foster sustainable investment ecosystems that bolster local communities and biodiversity. This move comes at a crucial time, as Japan undergoes significant transformations in its carbon emission regulations.

Subject to receipt of applicable approvals, Offset8’s Co-Founder Jules Maitrepierre is expected to spend a significant portion of his time in the country to promote partnerships and collaborations with major Japanese enterprises, such as GX league members, aiming to facilitate a seamless transition through the regulatory updates, positioning Japanese firms at the forefront of environmental compliance and sustainability. It is expected that Munenori Horie, a Tokyo-based Director of Offset8, will assist Mr Maitrepierre in these efforts.

Unlike typical trading companies, that focus on short-term horizons, or consulting firms, that often advise clients without sharing in the risks of the investment strategies devised by such firms, Offset8 expects to invest its own capital, thereby shouldering the inherent risks.

Offset8 believes that its commitment to long-term, sustainable growth and its responsible investment approach will resonate deeply with Japanese investment values, which will facilitate Offset8’s entry into the Japanese market and the growth of its partnerships and collaborations in the country. This alignment with the Japanese ethos of prudent investing and partnership is expected to play a pivotal role in Offset8's expansion in the region.

Offset8 is strategically positioning itself in anticipation of Japan’s adoption of high-quality carbon credits within its compliance framework (“J-Credits”), mirroring initiatives adopted in Singapore. This initiative not only provides vital liquidity to the carbon credit market but also aims to enhance the exchange of credits between Japan and its partner countries. Such initiatives are pivotal in creating a more interconnected and robust global carbon market, furthering environmental goals on a larger scale.